How The Presidental Race Was Won

The biggest election campaign in history summed up in a five second gif. The fact that we can look back on this grueling election with this type of irreverence gives me hope for this country.


5 Responses to “How The Presidental Race Was Won”

  1. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    I like how Bill lays down the screen on Hillary haha.

  2. sailorattitude Says:

    This is funny because all over comedy central, hosts of talk shows are talking about Obama’s basketball carrer at Punahou high school. Would this at all be considered stereotyping. Why isn’t he out swimming them as he was also a lifeguard for a long time?

  3. This is a typical stereotype of Obama and African Americans. I understand it’s not mocking or making fun of the race, but ideal stereotype of Black domination in the BasketBall Sport is represented here. I’m sure this video targeted Obama’s skill in Basketball specifically based from knowing about his career at Punahou High School. And ironically it showed the defense as the Presidental Representatives, who are all white/caucasian.

  4. alamoluck007 Says:

    ataru91- my response to ur post is…

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (BREATH) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i cant belive you think this is some how a racial thing. Is there anyway to make fun of a black man and white man in the same breath without it being racist?! NOPE its gotta be racist some how! To bad you dont know the definition of a sterotype. OBAMA LOVES BASKETBALL! mAKING FUN OF THAT IS IN NO WAY A “RACIST THING”

  5. You never know, people are people, and one’s view on a black person could be different to another.
    Plus I didn’t say it was racist, it just targeted the standard stereotype of how ‘blacks’ are and have that ‘superiority’ in the sport of Basketball. Someone needs to learn to read a paragraph correctly… -_- Or would that be considered racist towards alamoluck007? lawl.

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