Sanitized Films

Here’s an article I came across recently that I found pertains a lot to what we’ve been discussing in class:

Since we’ve been talking about nudity and sex scenes in class…I found this pretty interesting.  It’s funny how it seems with every action of a certain group (directors putting sex/violence in movies) there’s a controversial reaction that takes place.  In this case, companies such as “Cleanflicks” digitally alter the intended film of the director/producer and recreate it to leave out all explicit content.  This also brings in how we talked about the advancement of technology and the dangers of being able to produce footage that the audience may falsely believe to be the truth/real intended version….such as the example of putting footage of terrorists blowing up some American building even if the event didn’t really happen.  Basically, these companies add in or take away from the original content of the movie.  Here’s some examples from the article: “A sword fight from The Princess Bride (1987) was altered so it looked like the characters were using Star Wars light sabers. The scene from Titanic (1997) of Leonardo DiCaprio sketching a nude Kate Winslet has been altered by covering her with a digital corset.”  Naturally, directors and studios have been outraged, but not only because of intellectual/creative rights of the filmmakers.  This quote somewhat sums up the other problem: “We’re all trying to understand it. But it doesn’t sit well with me, frankly, because these people could go the other way, too, with more sex and more violence.”  Bingo, not only can people edit the films to become less explicit…but they can add more graphic images.  This can lead to various problems of sabotage, maybe not so much to rich/famous filmmakers, but an entire upcoming career can be demolished by “leaked” scenes that were not actually created by that person.  Of course, this article is rather old, but the problem has not been solved.  Cleanflicks is still up and running smoothly.  The other funny thing is also, that this company makes you buy a specialized dvd player that’ll run their edited versions.  Good money making at the expense of pious ethical human consumers.  Here’s their website:


One Response to “Sanitized Films”

  1. This is dumb I think that the director made the movie this way for a reason. I think that some sexual content can be tasteful and add to the story.

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