commercial secrets

i saw this you tube and thought of how many women, like myself, are lied into thinking that the women we see on TV are truly that flawless and beautiful…in this video clip, you will see the process of the pictures we see on the magazines and billboards.  


6 Responses to “commercial secrets”

  1. ketsukusa Says:

    I think she looks more robotic and ugly at the end. her eyes are a bit dead

  2. yeah but that robotic and dead-eye image is the ideal of beauty that is unachievable and that women, people, kids have to compare themselves to…

  3. I remember seeing this on TV a while ago and remember thinking to myself that that was fucked up, i really give props to dove for starting a campaign which used real proportioned women in their ads…

  4. veeeronaaaa Says:

    this is really cool, just like the other video i just saw where they photoshopped that woman. i remember mentioning something like this in my english paper.
    no matter what, no one’s really perfect.
    who knows what real beauty is now a days..

  5. thekingofeurope Says:

    “yeah but that robotic and dead-eye image is the ideal of beauty that is unachievable”

    actually, as this commercial points out it is achievable.

  6. I really like this video for its ability to showcase that perfection is not actuality. I think that real beauty can be seen in the natural imperfections.

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