Not your ordinary sketch board

I found this video on the web and it explains about this computer program which allows you to draw figures on a board to create simulation projects and games. It is pretty interesting how technology and people are able to interact in creating such possibilities. 

Like how its mentioned in the video that if anything was drawn on a piece paper we as humans would be able to read and understand the actions of that drawing itself.  What the purpose of this demonstration is to try and have the computer comprehend the sketches and then carry out the functions of that drawing.  From the result of this video it proves that the computer is able to recognize those codes and commands, then simulates that certain objective. 

It is also mentioned that the on-line environment allows you do things that aren’t possible when you typically draw on a piece of paper.  This program gives you the advantage to correct your mistakes hands on and are given the option to remove or reorganize your drawings just by circling or adjusting it with the specialize command tools.  In my opinion its sort of the future of Photoshop, where people will able to create projects hands on without worrying about the restrictions or limitations that the mouse provides.  This will be just another example of how people and computers are able to communicate, which will give us the opportunities to interact in a more visual and physical experience.


2 Responses to “Not your ordinary sketch board”

  1. This is an awesome example how technology today is able to replicate the physics of the real world. You are able to see some of this technology in some games on the iphone!

  2. This was a very fascinating video, for some reason it made me think of how the process of writing has changed over time and evolved. People would write with an ink and pen and they didn’t have erasers back then. People later used to type using typewriter, where if you messed up one single line you had to start over. Later we wrote with pencils and it was easier to delete a mistake because you could just erase it with an eraser. Nowadays, people are writing their drafts on computers more than on paper where the mistakes are just a matter of a click. Technology is erasing our mistakes and making it more efficient in the process. In this video, it shows that just like drawing on a paper you can easily erase everything, change it, or start over. This also makes me think about how close is technology going to get to understand human life and actions

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