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Italian Vogue’s “All Black Issue”

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Italian Vogue made headlines this year with it’s “All Black Issue”, featuring only black models. It became their most popular issue ever- even warranting a reprint.

No matter how “fashion forward” this step was, there are those who think this issue still brings race issues to light. This is evident in the ads. Consider this website Haute Concept, as they count ad space in this issue.

  • 75 ads total
  • 3 ads featuring black models
  • 152 ad pages
  • 12 ad pages of black models

What do you think of in response to a magazine doing an “All Black Issue”?

Refer to the website to see the advertiser’s take on the subject.
What kind of “issue” do you think this brings up?


American Applause, Asian Roots

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Americans make the best movies, hands down.  A jewel of a movie may pop up once in a while from Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, or Canada, but when it comes down to it American’s are the ones that make the movies that are seen around the world.  With that said, it is shocking to see how many American movies are made with Asian Influences.  Here are a few of them… Some very obvious and some you would never have guessed. (With bonus add on from yours truly)

The Matrix / GHOST in the SHELL (Japanese)

Who would have thought that The Matrix was based off of a Japanese Idea… actually that makes a lot of sense now…

The Ring (2003) / Ringu (リング) (Japanese)

Yup, as we all know, the reason why everyone exchanged their VHS Decks for DVD Players originated in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Story line in the American version was much better… but be honest… A creepy Japanese boy will always scare the shit out of me way before a creepy white boy.  That kid from “The Shinning” doesn’t stand a chance.

Shall We Dance? (2004) / Shall We Dansu? (シャルウイダンス?)(Japanese)

Don’t blame me, the source that I found this from actually spelt it “Dansu”  To me thats just racist.  If they wanted to be authentic they would have wrote syaru ui dansu?  But I digress, the Richard Gere and J-Lo Movie was really a movie that was made in Japan.  Who knew?

The Grudge (2004) / Ju-On(呪怨)(Japnese)

Even though there are very little similarities between “The Grudge” and “Ju-On,” americans once again took the idea from Japan.  I would recommend seeing both if you’ve only seen one and liked it.  It’s sort of like seeing the same villain in a series of different movies i.e. The Nightmare on Elms Street movies

The Departed (2007) / Infernal Affairs (無間道) (Hong Kong)

Scorsese should kick himself in the ass for accepting the Picture of the Year award for THIS carbon copy job.  If you’ve ever seen Infernal Affairs then you’ve seen everything.  I’m not saying that The Departed was a bad movie, It was great!  It’s just after making movies like “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull” Scorsese could have held out for more.
The Eye (2008) / Gin Gwai(見鬼)(Chinese)

Such a great Chinese thriller, If only the American version was as good.  Well at least Jessica Alba is hot.  Word of advice.. Watch the American version on MUTE.  Same goes for Into the Blue and Fantastic Four.

Speed Racer (2008) (Live Action Remake of a Japanese Anime)

Not a Direct copy of an asian film but was inspired non the less.  Based of the Anime Series マッハGoGoGo (translation Mahha555 (play on words)) is an example how americans take a Japanese idea and what they do with it. (IDK, I liked it)

The Magnificent Seven / Seven Samurai (七人の侍) (Japan)

This one took me by surprise.  There is nothing more american than the western and to find out it was inspired by a japanese film.  Just another example that all ideas are universal

So here are few examples I came up with.  Any more out there?

White, Black and Yellow…What a colorful world?

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Do you see any problem in these three Moschino ads?

Don’t the nonwhite versions of the ads lacking in diversity compared to the white models? (although the white models also lacks in diversity in the hair colors.)

The White:

  • Only blond but different hair styles
  • Black and hounds-tooth check clothes
  • Pink and yellow tights
  • Yellow gloves
  • A pink-color bag (dog shape)
  • One wearing red shoes
  • one wearing peace-mark tank-top
  • one has darker complexion than others
  • The logo color is pastel green

The Black:

  • The same black Afro hairdos
  • Black, black and white, and dark red clothes
  • Black tights
  • Black and dark red gloves
  • Black and dark red shoes
  • All have the same dark complexion
  • One model is naked and wears only red high heels with smile
  • The logo color is black

The Yellow:

  • The same black short-bobbed hair
  • Yellow clothes
  • White tights
  • A gold glove visible
  • A silver bag
  • All have the same light complexion
  • The logo color is black

While the white models version has contrasting color varieties in their clothes, the others have very limited color contrasts. What is this message? Why does a black model has to be naked? and with a smile??? Why Asian models have to wear yellow? (because they have “yellow” skins!?) What are the connotations of these ads? There are so much to say about the stereotypes of each race/ethnicity that the ads are employing and taking benefit from them. In addition, this campaign lacks in representations of other race/ethnicity, right? This is one aspect of the fashion advertisement right now.

Level: Hard

  • Find fashion ads featuring models as necessary as possible, and construct a mosaic or spectrum image of American fashion advertisement. Then, explain your criteria of your work. You should be posting your finished work with your commentary to this blog under “Fashion Forensics.”
  • The proportion of each race/ethnicity should represent the finding of all of your ads. Therefore, you should not be looking for what you want to see but what you can find from the large pool of the fashion ads.
  • You should be deconstructing the images and reorganizing them by paying particular attention to race/ethnicity. Therefore, you should be thinking about conventional and unconventional images of each race/ethnicity when you deal with each ad.
  • Be creative about how you construct your work. You should look at the models’ appearance and features, but you should also look at clothes, makeup, color usage, accessories, and etc., and think about what they mean and symbolize.

Re: Where’s the diversity People

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*Mission Completed* Bigdickdaddy’s mission: to find 5 magazine covers that has models other than white.*

Bigdickdaddy posted a thread, “Where’s the diversity People” questioning why there was no diversity when it came to magazine covers. Then people quickly took action and replied to him saying that there is diversity in fashion magazine covers. This is true and false according to my PoliSci Professor.

Hear me out.

Bigdickdaddy questioned “It seems models in Fashion Magizines have to be White, is this true?”

Apprarently yes. Let’s take a look at one of our Super Models, Tyra Banks.

Is Tyra banks really black? Or really white? Hmmm?

Is Tyra banks really black? Or actually white?


I took a political science class last semester and at one class, the professor (who was African-American himself) showed us a video about Africans talking about beauty. At one point, the blacks were saying how they were ugly compared to the whites and how they felt that they were inferior to the other races.

I got mad and said to the teacher, that is so untrue! America is so diverse! We have so many beautiful African-Americans in America!

The professor then said “Ah, there’s the problem”. And I got confused.

He asked me to name some “beautiful” African-Americans in America, and so I said Tyra Banks.

He asked me to name another and I said Naomi Cambell.

Naomi is white?

Naomi is white?


He stated that the very reason why they were depicted as beautiful, and the very reason why they were able to embrace the fashion world was due to their ability to camouflage and become white in the society. Whether it was acting more like a white person, or dressing like one, changing who they originally were, their root, made them become “beautiful” in America. Being Plastic?

As many people have commented on BigDickDaddy’s thread, yes there is diversity when it comes to fashion magazines but are they all really diverse? That was the question that my professor asked me that I could not seem to find an answer. Tyra banks and Naomi Cambell had to become Americanized in order to be beautiful and be accepted by the fashion world.

Is this true? I remember watching a interview where Tyra Banks told about hardships she has faced as a African-American Model, and she stated how at one point she had to change her ways in order to get hired.

Think about the pagents, modeling, videos, cinema, fashion, and more. Who started it?

Every magazine I saw with different ethnicity had at least some sort of white fonts on it.

Worse, Darker skinned models seemed to have more white colors around them.




Black Enterprise... white all over

Black Enterprise... white all over

Abercrombie Ads conservative chaos

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Talking about sex and advertising and about how our culture repressing the basic sexual urges and drives and deems them inappropriate to view, display, create, etc., I think this is pretty funny and it’s way too easy to find “forensics” proving this. Abercrombie and Fitch was sued and forced to bring down their posters because apparently their ads were too lude and sexual. It’s became a wide debate in the media of course, especially since at the time Abercrombie was at the peak of teenage popularity and those models and images represent the “cool” ideal image. But what are the people actually afraid of by having these ads, what possibly could happen? Based on the level of speech and competency displayed in the interviews, they don’t really seem to know too much about their own opinions either..

It seems though that Abercrombie and their main photographer Bruce Weber have figured out an advertising scheme and style that works,grabs attention and media coverage, and sells clothing because they clearly remain swamped in every mall across the US and further with shoppers and fans, many of whom are probably teens or kids. What do you think? Too racy and offensive or natural and harmless?

Food Porn

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We also see sexual themes in selling food even around the world.

In this commercial we dont know that the girl is eating noodles till the end.

This commercial is a more like a way to stay in shape kinda thing, by eating low fat foods

but by using a girl with a flat stomach, it provides the viewer to stay and watch what it is all about.

This by far has to be the worst commercial every, trying to promote heathy eating by using a sexy people on tv to show the foods, and then the people watching the tv to try it out. Its quite ironic though because it is possible that someone might actually try it after watching the commercial. You be the judge on this commercial.

Creative Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Here’s some powerful women spittin’ some powerful lyrics. Check out the difference in styles. Poetry continues to be a mind-expanding weapon used to fight all forms of inequality.  Check how these contemporary artists fuse voice, lyrics, and performance skills to create lyrical artillery that not only raises awareness but also drops bombs on the socially constructed cages that imprison our minds. Their presence and work shows us that we do not necessarily have to literally deconstruct race and sex in order to break down racism and sexism. Sometimes we just have to speak from the heart and our presence and creativity alone will break shit down. However, they also attack race and sex literally and lyrically, and this works as a double-edged sword. If you feel inspired, check out the hard mission below.

Hard but hella rewarding mission: Construct a creative lyrical weapon that can be used to fight sexism. You can write a poem and post it as a text, film it and post it as a vid, or record and it post it as a sound clip. It can be poetry, rap, rant, spoken word, song, or what the fuck ever you feel like creating with words. Or if you wanna promote the creativity of others, you can get their permission and post them up. But it’s gotta be original creativity: not something you got off Youtube. This is open mic time: creative minds bring your lyrical weapons of love and mass destruction.