Language and Computers

This is an advertisement for Rosetta Stone, a computer program that allows you to learn any language in a quick period of time, is it for real?  Well according to Michael Phelps, an 8 time gold medalist in swimming, guarantees you’ll learn a language fast.  Despite thinking that learning a language is pretty complex and it requires you to interact with other speakers.  In my opinion,  I believe a computer can’t offer you the same benefits from a person who speaks fluent in that particular language.  So its seems pretty impossible to learn a language from a computer program and feel confident that you’ll understand the language entirely.  They state that its not a memorization type of learning system, but rather a system that allows your to learn naturally the way your brain is wired to comprehend.  What does that really mean?  Also there’s a voice recognition system built in, (why am I not surprise) a voice talks back to you when you mispronounce any words. 

Okay maybe I’m being a little to hard on Rosetta Stone, why not give this program a chance, some of its information sounds pretty legit, plus the worlds best swimmer Michael Phelps uses it to learn Chinese, so why can’t any other person learn a language in about 30 minutes or so. It’s a peace of cake right, you’ll learn a handful of words and feel accomplished right after.  You be the judge of that.   


3 Responses to “Language and Computers”

  1. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Michael Phelps is a tool. He does toolish commercials for a toolish amount of money. Yea, Michal Phelps uses Rosetta Stoned and Jessica Simpson uses Proactive and Wesly Snipes uses Bo-flex.
    I’m so fucking sick of celebrities trying to sell shit that they most likely never even heard of until it was mentioned along side a fat stack of cash..

  2. why not make money doing things on the side. It doesn’t hurt anyone. their just people trying to make more money. I think most people would just do that unless they are self conscience of their image.

  3. I think that the ad is a tad misleading. I think that for a person to truly “learn” a language, they must immerse themselves into the culture of their target language. Not taking the time to learn about the culture is like using one of those automated online translating engines that only spout out gibberish.

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