Hitman or Guardian Angel?

Over many years of our history, wars have been fought all across the global.  Some countries win there battles, some countries lose everything to battles and others keep fighting until there’s nothing left.  In every battle that’s recorded in our history, there are always warriors present.  These warriors could’ve been just about anyone: in the Roman period they had gladiators, in the Crusades they had knights and in the battle to defeat Japan in World War 1 the United States had Marines, The Air force and the Navy

            Here’s a poster of the movie Hitman that I found on the internet, and next to it is a picture of a book that I found in the library.  In this book were old ancient stories about guardian Angels or as the book said it, “warriors from above” who protected and did special difficult task for the highest bidder.  And at those times the only people that had that type of wealth was kings and maybe nobleman.  But there was a catch, this ancient book stated in order to have these special warriors assist you in whatever task that might be, the individual would have to be pure at heart.  So are these warriors’ hitman or guardian angels?  The book never stated were they came from or what they really are.  But during battle, if you were the one on the losing end, knowing were your help came from was the least of your worries if it meant wining.    


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