Antique and Modern Perfume magazine covers

I found this magazine cover of Sarah Jessica Parker selling her perfume, therefore behind a jail cell with a few random expressive people behind her. I was searching through old magazine covers and i came across a man that had the similar yet different pose as Sarah Jessica Parker from the late 1800’s. But what is really the meaning behind these images?


2 Responses to “Antique and Modern Perfume magazine covers”

  1. ninebreaker Says:

    Use my perfume and you go to jail(That how much it suck?)?

    I don’t know that was my first impression.

  2. hmm.. interesting- I think that’s the point of many advertisements, the more thought provoking and less obvious they are, the more work was probably put into them and the more exposure they probably get with viewers and within our minds, making us then remember the ad and thus somehow pick up on the idea, name, image, or trademark of the product. I think it’s about how we are very repressed in society and inhibited within ourselves, in many ways people’s true selves and passionate sides are imprisoned or at least we wind up with a sense of imprisonment. Fragrance is something that is powerful, has a strong affect when experienced, and cannot be seen. It is essentially as free as air and travels in air- giving it no limit. Thus, it can be a sort of exodus and escape of your sweetness, mysterious nature, and sexuality to reach other people and the outside world- do what your body physically cannot…. possibly?!

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