wow-digital technology…

seeing how cloverfield was really made me amazed at how advance our technology has gotten…. to the point that we can digitally, using computers, destroy a whole city…maybe i’m slow with this techonology advancement but i think that’s pretty crazy…..yet I see it also in another standpoint where it could be a dangerous ability that we have using computers…i think it was mentioned how we could remake a area in the middle east and virtually destroy that, making it look like it actually happened…i dk i find that a bit scary that we have that ability.  

Here’s a clip from clover field that looks like a real news cast…crazy!!! looks so REAL!!!!!
(click url if video doesn’t show)

Secret Video from Cloverfield – Watch more Movie Trailer


One Response to “wow-digital technology…”

  1. They really need to stop this whole trend of making horror movies all home movie-esque with the shaky camera. Movies like diary of the dead, cloverfield, quarantine or is it Spanish inspiration REC (which i really liked) are getting annoying to watch. Causing motion sickness doesn’t incite horror…it just creates motion sickness…. 😦

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