Complex Magazine Copies Image

I found this image of Lil Wayne on Complex Magazine’s cover.  It seems the the two images are very similar in the style and pose.  I found the picture on a site of listed insane asylums from the 1800s.  This particular photo is from the New Orleans City Insane Asylum patient records from the 1880s.  An article on the website explains that in the 1800s, people would be institutionalized for many things including wives who did not obey their husbands, alcoholics, depressed people, angry people, or even people going against the “norm” would be locked up.  Coincidentally, Lil Wayne is from New Orleans; are the makers of Complex Magazine trying to say something with this image?  Are they saying that since Lil Wayne going against the “norm,” he is crazy?  It is interesting to see that back then “crazy” people were looked down upon and locked away, while today “crazy” sometimes isn’t a bad thing, if you consider Lil Wayne crazy, then I’m sure other people would like to be crazy also.


3 Responses to “Complex Magazine Copies Image”

  1. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    there are literally thousands of different magazines on the market today, most of them are monthly publications. most of these magazines feature different people doing different poses every month. parallels could made between almost anything if you look hard enough.

    that being said, lil’ wayne is crazy if he thinks he’s the best rapper alive.

  2. camouflageculture Says:

    @ astrangerwithcandy – you *might* be missing the point, which is the analysis behind the forensics, particularly the notion that “crazy” used to be bad and now is a marketing tool, and that the photo editors may be basing the image on a historic new orleans (wayne’s home town) photograph. There is also the link between this cover and the old Vibe magazine cover featuring Tupac in a similar straitjacketed pose… which begs the projected and accepted ego-driven comparisons between wayne and ‘pac.

  3. I really like how you have compared the two images. It seems like Lil’ Wayne’s message is intentional. He knows that his image being linked with “crazy” is good for album sales. The meaning you have exposed is exactly the one intended.

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