Red Blood

This never before seen painting of Jesus Christ was discovered in an unspecified Catholic Church in Italy.  The quality and texture of the painting is still restored even though the piece was assumed to be ages old.  Historians believe the scene of the painting describes an unfortunate sacrifice of a young child who lays lifeless on the bottom corner of this piece.  Jesus is being  portrayed as embracing the child’s soul/spirit and also expressing his grief over this death. 

With the help of science, historians had discovered a disturbing oberservation.  Their research revealed that the red shading used in this piece had a mixture of real human blood and paint.  Even though we know dry blood turns black and dull after it is exposed for a long period of time, for some mysterious reason the blood combined with the paint in this artwork remained preserved in its natural color.  Till this day researchers are unable to determine how the unknown artist kept this painting well restored.


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