Dark Secret of Tommy Hilfiger Ad Discovered!

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“I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it,” says Maria Welch of the New York Museum. Welch had been flipping through a magazine when the Tommy Hilfiger ad caught her eye. “There was something halting about it. It was eeire, like I had seen it somewhere before.” And Welch had seen it somewhere before, though not as a perfume ad. The photograph “The Lost” hangs in the New York Museum where she works. The picture, taken around the 1930’s in Russia, depicts a young woman and a child wandering destructed streets. “I always loved this photograph, there is something so compelling about the way the girl clings to the child. I’m certain that Hilfiger used this picture to direct his ad. It is so sad to see an interpetation of it in such a shallow way.” The two pictures do show a striking similarity. Just as the woman holds what is most important to her, the model holds the perfume. Tommy Hilfiger was not available for comments.


One Response to “Dark Secret of Tommy Hilfiger Ad Discovered!”

  1. elikapeka Says:

    I highly doubt Tommy Hilfiger was trying to copy that picture. The black and white picture of the Russian woman and her child is extremely beautiful and heart wrenching, but the only similarity to the ad is that their heads happens to be cocked in the same way. It looks like the girl in the Tommy Hilfiger ad is just waking up, trying to look sexy, and smelling herself to make sure she smells good. “I look abnormally sexy and smell good because of this! Tada! Buy ‘Dreaming’!” Personally I think that saying Tommy Hilfiger copied it is stretching it, but I could be wrong.

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