Boy meets girl…

Here we have the original photo of how John met Yoko. They want the world to see how beauty can come outof war. Love.


3 Responses to “Boy meets girl…”

  1. ketsukusa Says:

    I thought john was against war.
    why would he believe that beauty can come out of war?

  2. lanikaigrl Says:

    They met and fell in love. Now they can fight against war together. When two are gathered in love, it is very strong.

  3. I think this is a prime example of how nudity isn’t that big of a deal and people need to just relax and be a bit more open. They embrace their bodies, nature, each other, humanity, love, instead of pretending to be something they aren’t, living up to all these conservative standards and image struggles while growing some creepy hidden side away from public. Who looked at this and sheilded their eyes in fear or disgust or even thought it was sick and pornographic at all? Noone, because it’s not- it’s just two people who are famous standing there in a picture- great if they have clothes, cool if they don’t- they don’t need them because they have nothing to cover for any reason.

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