Asian MV Vs American MV

In case you dont know who BoA is, she is a korean singer that is very popular throughout Asia. She has made both Korean and Japanese albums and just recently made her official appearance in America. Her first American single “Eat You Up” has two different music videos; one was made for asian tv while the other was made for american tv. I enjoyed both videos but i preferred the Asian version over the American version. Heres both of the videos. Better if you watch it in high quality.

Asian Version

Its a pretty basic video but it shows off her dancing skills quite well. Since most of Asia knows who BoA is, they dont really need to see her face as much in the video.

American Version

Many fans say that this version was not as good as the Asian version, with not as good choreography and not as good editing. Since it is BoA’s american debut, they tried to make her look sexy and show her face and figure as much as possible . I dont think they need to do that, but since I’m already a fan of BoA, my opinion might be different from others that dont know her.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it seems like the only way for BoA to become popular in the American mainstream is to act sexual, or at least thats how the American media thinks. In my opinion, I dont think its a good music video to start off her american music career, but maybe its just for people who dont know her and it will make the american audience notice her more quickly if she looks sexy. (although she always looks beautiful 🙂 )

What is your opinion on each video and which one do you think is better?


3 Responses to “Asian MV Vs American MV”

  1. I think the first video is better, but for the music to be accessible to Americans, it is a bit too Asian. The US version has US dancers, and no other Asian but Boa in the video.
    Utada, X-japan, Hyde all failed for success in the US. Boa though she is a huge star in Asia, would probably struggle in US billboard chart. Even though that song “eat you up” may sound like any US club anthems with its dirty key sound ,heavy beats and voice effects, with her heavy accent it will be hard for Americans to take her seriously I think.

    But Asian music has found some success in bands like loudness in the 80’s where the band actually hit near the top of the charts.
    Dir en grey also did pretty well. winning best metal video on american MTV2 last year.

    But all bands and musician to be success over seas always ends up changing their classical music style to a US friendly style. (mostly dumbing down the music).

  2. ninebreaker Says:

    I like the firs version for the author’s reason.

    The second is filled with random pictures in between the dancing (sublimital messaging?)

  3. veeeronaaaa Says:

    The original seems more intense rather than the american version, where everything seemed so random.

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