The Separation of Church and State?

There is a news article today in Voice of America titled “Afghan Journalist Receives 20-Year Prison Term for Blasphemy.”  This is an article about a 24 year old college student who gets sentenced to a 20 year prison term after almost recieving the death sentence when saying that the Prophet Muhammud and Islam does not respect the rights of women.  He said he was tortured for about 10 months in detention before his trial without a lawyer which lasted only minutes.  His state punished him for a “crime” which in America is actually considered rather popular.  It is popular to stand up for what you believe in and use the freedom of speech to make your own community a better place.  Was this man trying to create a revolution, testing the limits, or merely writing an article for a local paper as part of his job?

The article can be found at:


6 Responses to “The Separation of Church and State?”

  1. ninebreaker Says:

    Some(not ALL) middle eastern seem to have a deep love for god. So much they will blindly go after people protesting or putting down their god Muhammad.

    Personally I don’t like the idea of people using god as a reason for doing something because they usually bend his word to fulfill their goals. I cannot find the article or show on NG about people being scam into paying for god but you can ask me in class.

  2. WRONG. Muhammad is NOT their god. Muhammad was a prophet, a human man, who spread the word of Allah, the Islamic god. I agree and think you are right in that a lot of Muslims are absolutely fanatic in their beliefs, but maybe you should learn something about those beliefs BEFORE you question them.

    Plus, the same fanatacism that you speak of in Islam can be said about Christanity and Judaism. Coincidentally, all three of those faiths share the same God, the God of Abraham.

  3. ninebreaker Says:

    Ehhh what do I know i’m tainted by media and the news so I will call back my first statement. Although I still think the second one is true.

  4. sailorattitude Says:

    Where in my article did I not mention that Muhammad was non a prophet. Please read the article and it will clear up my statement. He was not saying that Islamists are too fanatic… he was just being a journalist, and now he is going to jail for 20 years. This is the point of my post. I have studied Middle-Eastern Islam, and as I do not practice it, I have learned a good amount about it and the main five Islamic states. I also agree with you that every religion has its fanatics, but this is not an example of one. Thanks for your comment!

  5. i wasn’t referring to you, but to the first comment. perhaps you did not read that one.

  6. this is why it’s important for people to read or listen to EVERYTHING before they speak. you might take something out of context by responding to quickly. so, sailorattitude, thanks for YOUR comment!

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