Time Lapse

I went searching on the web and found this time lapsing video which sort of relates to the chaos/regime project we’ve been working on in class.  It was unique how the transitions are created by using actual clips of nature which exemplifies this truth or reality throughout each scene.  It was pretty interesting how in the beginning of the video it displayed the moving the clouds and the smooth, vibrant tunes along with it, and then suddenly you see the words “live for the moment” pop out on the screen.  I suppose it represents this kind of theme while allowing its audience to figure out what is expected during the rest of the video. 

The beat and music kind of gets you lost in this trance but the visuals captures your attention quite well because of the various colors, scenery’s and people provided in each transition.  Another creative aspect is the style of the music which is kind of a techno flavor I’m guessing. Also the unrecognized vocals gets the audience guessing into figuring out what the person is saying, what language, don’t really know but its cool and interesting.  Plus the in and out drum beats gives it a creative twist.


One Response to “Time Lapse”

  1. lanikaigrl Says:

    This makes me want to go outside and become one with nature.

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