Movie making tool for EA’s World in Conflict

In the summer of 2007 massive Entertainment released its new generation of Real-Time tactical game call World in Conflict (WiC). It’s was a new generation by its realistic graphic using the DirectX 10 to create life like images.

I’ve only played the beta and an interesting new point of the game was units can’t accumulate to massive armies and rush a person to death but you do get resources by capturing strategic points. Your main power comes from artillery strike and air bombs plus nukes.

What this game also give you is the power to create movies as you can create custom maps and script and macro AI’s to control units while you direct your camera (the camera give you 360 sphere view basically any point your choose while moving your sphere in any X,Y,Z coordinate. This tool help creates an automatic moving camera which you set point which it would follow. Also you may use frap to record your movies instead of your in game movie capture option.

Here is a quick video guide on camera and time control.  For other intrustions use the in game manuel and ask people on forums to learn how to use other in game functions.


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