What’s poppin’

With the advent of youtube, the internet has witnessed an exponential influx of user created content-for better or worse. When great power meets great irresponsibility, we have this:

Now, I’m all for the occasional time waster, but there come’s a time in every youtubers life when you ask yourself, “what did I just watch and why have so many people watched this?” With 200k viewers and counting, I ask myself why people are drawn to this video and videos like it in general.

I think some watch it because it makes them feel superior to someone else, while other people may think he’s funnier than Dave Chappelle.  One things for sure, as long as people respond to these types of videos, they will continue to get made.

What are some videos where you have thought” what the fuck was the point of that?”


2 Responses to “What’s poppin’”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    Spider-man reference, eh.
    Anyway, he actually seems to make some good points.

  2. ninebreaker Says:

    Wow a 360 and a PS3….. I wish I had both..

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