The hype over the Apple iPod and iPhone is worldwide, almost any young adult or child owns one today. The popularity of Apple has gotten so great that consumers will purchase anything that Apple has to offer, even if they have to wait in long lines for days to be the first owner of the next new Apple product. Apple is now a huge influential powerhouse, and with the power that holds them to consumers, comes resistance. Resistance to apple products and resistance to anti-iTunes, and anti-DRM . Here are a few pictures of resistance through the form of satires.


3 Responses to “Anti-apple”

  1. sailorattitude Says:

    I really don’t understand what makes the apple lap top better than an hp or dell, but I like the i phone. I don’t personally have one, but my boyfriend does, and it comes in handy a lot when we need to find a place, and it has all of these cool applications. I heard that google is coming out with their own phone which is supposed to be bigger than the i phone, so my question to you is if you feel just as strongly about the google phone, or if you only hate the apple products that people desire so much.

  2. rockstareina Says:

    i don’t hate the apple products. i have an iPod myself. i think its great, but a little pricey. i was just trying to apply what we learned in class to apple as popular culture. as far as the google phone, i really don’t know much about it. though im sure it’ll have great features that’ll make it the next best thing.

  3. this is pretty epic lol

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