Racism in an elevator

I LOVE this video!  I’ve seen this happen so many times.  When someone who looks “scary” gets in an elevator, women do tend to hold their bags a little tighter.  It doesnt even have to be a black male. My favorite part was when he yelled, “BOO” and she handed over her bag!  haha, classic!!


2 Responses to “Racism in an elevator”

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    i like the dumb bitch line best…Whitey doing his work again..

  2. oh my fuckin God
    to say that she is provoking an attack is stupid. i hate elevators and hate even more people in my space so i would move away from anyone that walked in!
    and to suggest that the only reason she clutches her purse is because he is black i think is uneducated and racist in itself
    while i do agree that racism is alive and well in this fuckin country
    stop using racism to breed hate, no matter what the cause

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