Mega Man 9-Back to 8-Bits

Technology has developed a lot and has made video games look more realistic and awesome. But capcom decided that old school isn’t such a bad thing.

Their newest installment in the Mega Man Original series is Mega Man 9, and it was released Sept. 2008. Instead of having all the awesome 3D CG animation or even 32 bit (which is how most mega man games are now i think), Capcom started all over with this one, turning Mega Man back into its original 8-bit design. The game was made on an engine that emulates 8-bit games and Capcom made sure that it would feel like you were actually playing a very old game. All the graphics, sounds, and capabilities (such as having only 2-3 enemies max on screen at a time) were made so it acted like how it did on the original Nintendo system. They also purposely put in old-school game bugs, such as flickering sprites, to give it that old-school feel. It received good reviews, As and Bs. Kinda neat how they make a game with simple looks and controls, yet it must have been hard to have to restrict yourself when you could do so much more with the technology we do have.

Heres a interview with the creator of Mega Man about the Mega Man 9 game.


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