Leave nothing, make a statement

I found this commercial on the web and its a promotion for Nike “Leave Nothing”, and it made me think about what we were discussing in class, relating to our project of combining our chaos/regime tracks with visual illustrations.  In this case the commercial showcases pro football players implying their hard work and dedication and demonstrating those elements on the field.  While watching the commercial I understood the message it was presenting, it focused on leaving everything on the line, putting out a hundred and ten percent and never giving up.  Its more of a moral life lesson in disguise.  Indicating inspiration and motivation not just in sports but in the real world itself.

The music plays an important role in this commercial because it presents key transitions from the beginning, to the middle and the end.  Starts up slow in the beginning then it slowly progresses as Shawn Merrian (NFL player) begins to hit his opponents in various scenarios.  The changing scenarios are cool, from sunlight, to rain, to overcast and even snow seems pretty mind blowing.  Then the sudden twist as its focuses on a different NFL player (Steven Jackson) changes our perspective on the whole scene.  The combination of hard hitting and hard breathing blends in well with the background music also.  It gives us a true experience of high definition at its best, when we actually feel like we’re in the game following the players every move.  And the ending leaves us in suspense to, makes me wonder if he made the touchdown or not.


3 Responses to “Leave nothing, make a statement”

  1. i liked this, the scene transitions were probably my favorite. the change up between players was nice because you get emotionally attached to Merrian running to one side of the field, in your mind you’re cheering him on, willing him to make it. Then all of a sudden you’re going back the way you came with Jackson but you cheer him on just the same.

  2. his name is Shawne Merriman

  3. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Let’s see if he can comeback from his injury. Wishing him the best… Go Chargers

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