Where do we draw the line?

In the movie Stay Alive, a group of teenage gamers start playing a game called Stay Alive, similar to World of Warcraft and such. Soon one of the friends dies in the game and soon after dies in real life. The group soon starts to think that if you die in the game you really die in real life the way you died in the game. I found this movie pretty unreal and ridiculous but when I really think about it, I think that gamers can get so sucked into their games and start to see things in reality that they might see in the game, which happened in the movie. It could say alot about where our society is going and maybe even why osme people do such crazy things…..mass exposure to video games such as Stay Alive.


One Response to “Where do we draw the line?”

  1. i have children and one is 15. I realized i needed to do something about the VG when he made two comments:
    “i want to be a professional gamer.” oh shit…and earlier in his life he experienced a death to someone close to him and started to talk about it as a video game, ie dad to get a new life or that he feels like he is IN a VG…needless to say we had much discussion and years actually of reality checking. He seems to be great now…but i monitor his VG play extensively.

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