Interactive Cinema, better or worse?

Yesterday’s lecture about how film makers now want to start going in the direction of interactive cinema, made me remember the movie Final Destination 3. This movie went straight to DVD, however, one of the extras on the movie allowed you as the viewer to watch the movie and at certain times, it would pause the movie and make you decide what you would like to happen in the scene. Then with your DVD remote, you were able to choose what should happen next. Of course, they had the regular movie version where they had already decided what should happen, but this extra feature on the DVD allowed you to change the plot to your liking.

This movie was not a big hit and I actually did not enjoy this movie as much as the first final destination, however I did think this was a cool feature but for me I preferred to watch the movie without deciding the outcome of the scenes. As cool as the interactive feature was, it was just not as enjoyable for me. At times I felt like the movie was not flowing as well as it should be because the movie kept stopping asking you what should happen. Therefore, my question is do we, as viewers, really want to be apart of the movie with this interactive exchange? For me going to the movies is like a break from everything, you do not have to make decisions you just simply sit there and enjoy what you are watching, but with this feature the decisions are no longer made for you, you now make the decisions. In a way you are the new writer/director of the movie.

I couldn’t find a video on youtube but here are some articles about Final Destination 3‘s interactive feature: – this article actually shows you pictures of what it looks like when you have to make a decision


One Response to “Interactive Cinema, better or worse?”

  1. herewithnoone Says:

    I remember buying that movie thinking that would be cool to control the movie. But i have yet to rip the plastic off the DVD, lol…waste money

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