Video game influence towards cinema. Vice versa

Recently, i’ve seen many video games that are based off of cinematic films. Games like Spider-man 1, 2 , and 3, all based on the movie, harry potter, transformers, hulk, and lots more. You could totally make an assumption that if a movie involves either fighting, magic, or super powers, a video game based on that movie will surely follow.

But it can also work both ways right?!

There are films that take after video games too. Movies like Mario brothers, Street fighter, and Mortal kombat. Why is that? Why do they make games based on films and films based on video games? A way to make more money i’m sure. But you can see how films and video games can both influence eachother, more for the benefit of the many fanatics. Its extremely awesome to see your favorite video game character in a movie, right? Anything is possible nowadays.


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