Native Hawaiians Continue Their Resistance Of Military in Makua

Army wants expanded Makua live-fire training


The Associated Press
Posted : Friday Sep 19, 2008 20:54:40 EDT

  HONOLULU — The Army wants to expand live-fire training at Makua Valley.

The Army, in a draft of a supplemental environmental impact statement released Friday, says it wants to conduct up to 50 company-level combined arms live-fire exercises at Makua each year.

The Army is seeking public comment on the draft.

Malama Makua, a Waianae Coast community group, sued the Army in 1998 to demand an environmental impact statement before the Army continued to use the valley for live-fire training.

A judge ruled in favor of the group.

The Army finished its original draft EIS in 2005 but had to revise it.

The Army views Makua as vital because it’s the only place in Hawaii where an entire company of soldiers may use live ammunition in exercises.

Please No Bomb Our Aina

Please No Bomb Our 'Aina

Is this really needed?

Is this really needed?


I find it heart-wrenching the military continues to challenge Hawaiians who are fighting issues that affect everyone who lives in on Oahu as well as the Hawaiian people. As we all know, live fire training is essential to military personel so they can fully be ready for combat however, at whose expense does this come. Makua is sacred to the Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiians). Contamination of the ‘aina which these live fire exercises contribute too, has an everlasting effect on not only Makua but on the drinking water and fishing grounds near and around our island. If chemicals get into our drinking water we have no water to drink. If our water is contaminated what happens to our people. If there is contaminated fish in and around our shoreline, how do our people who eat what they catch do so.  Think about the natural rain cycle which exsist here. Water gets filtered and washed down streams carrying everything in its path down to the ocean when it rains. If chemicals from these live fire training exercises are anywhere on or in the ground, it will naturally get filtered and washed down to drinking water and fishing grounds. The natural evaporation process will pick up the water that’s contaminated and bring it back to our mountains and the process will happen over and over again.

Resistance of the military is essential to Hawaiians if they want to continue to visit sacred sites, workship their Akuas, and have access to valuable resources which are only found in Makua. How can “perrue” be established when resistance is the only option?

The military could careless about the damage it causes in Makua. Why should Hawaiians continue to comply to the dimise of its our people? I have see heartwrenching testimony by Hawaiians first hand during the Makua EIS meeting in Wahiawa. Our Military does not care about the Kanaka Maoli. Don’t Make Us Believe That Military Training Is Needed In Our Backyards !!!


3 Responses to “Native Hawaiians Continue Their Resistance Of Military in Makua”

  1. NO to any military BS in Hawaii

  2. bigdickdaddy Says:

    I agree, glad to see someone else feels the way I do. We all know or are related to someone in the military so to be anti-military in Hawaii can have its down falls. If only more people could understand the educated truth and history of what took place in these islands. Some things never change i guess…

  3. meitanteibilly Says:

    I’m not really educated about this but I’m wondering why the military has to have practices here and not in some large parcel of land on the mainland?

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