The Game of LIFE…

The person’s LIFE blog in the “uncategorized section” got me thinking, I didn’t feel like putting images or videos because i think my own written thoughts will do just fine. On most of the statements in that blog if you are talking about the general population of humans and “LIFE” I have my ideas on people, but if you are talking about yourself and your values of life i respect that. As for general population of humans, LIFE IS EXPRESSION, expression is the quality of power of expressing an attitude, emotion, etc. whether it be a look, a response, physical or verbal communication whatever. In life you express yourself, you are responsive, people need to have a higher cognitive function in order to express themselves. If a person doesn’t have any neural brain activity they may not be able to express themselves, however they are still technically living. You can talk about this belief for hours..other side notes are: DNR do not resuscitate, comas, the value of life, pulling the plug, etc. LIFE IS LOVE, i wouldn’t necessarily consider this statement. It is possible that you can live a life without love, you may never have affection towards another person if you are anti-social or don’t want to be around other people. LIFE IS HELPING OTHERS, not necessarily, some people may only help themselves and not others, I would delete that. LIFE IS MAKING A POSITIVE IMPACT. NO! Thousands of people have negative impacts such as rape, murder, stealing, war, adultery, etc. I would change that statement to say that “Life has an impact” because it can be positive or negative. LIFE IS NOTHING. I would refrain from this statement because obviously life is something, you are in fact a living organism who thinks about these crazy questions of life itself. LIFE IS EVERYTHING. Is life all-inclusive? What in facts yields or limits life? I am already getting stumped on some of these questions. LIFE IS COMPLEX. LIFE IS SIMPLE. I would agree to either one of those, it just depends on the eye of the beholder. Life can be simple at times and life can be complex at times. LIFE IS FOR SURE CONTRADICTORY, it just depends on the two or more propositions you are comparing. I will leave you with two thoughts…
LIFE IS EVER CHANGING and, “YOU MAKE LIFE WHAT IT IS,” quoted Zoology Professor Womersley.


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