i thought this time lapse video was really not sure how and why some parts of the video are blurry. how did they make something so simple so good to watch?


6 Responses to “nice”

  1. starrycloud9 Says:

    The person used a special lens. Similar to these in photography. It enables what’s called selective focus. In this video it makes things look miniature by reducing depth of field.

  2. starrycloud9 Says:

    But why did you post this? Because it’s…nice?

  3. sailorattitude Says:

    I watched this clip, and I still want something more. I kind of feel unsatisfied. It’s like they aren’t really doing anything with their day, but what am I accomplishing by watching that clip and now commenting on it?

  4. thanks for explaining how they made this effect. I posted it because i thought it was an interesting method of video making.

  5. Actually, the video is more likely made with a “tilt-shift” lens. These are similar to the lensbaby lenses, but are much higher quality (read: sharper, much more expensive). the lensbabies are loosely based on tilt-shift designs, but you can tell it’s a tilt-shift lens because the area in focus is more of a line whereas in a lensbaby the area of focus would be more round.

    the same thing could also be accomplished in post production editing in aftereffects.

  6. veeeronaaaa Says:

    I thought this video was interesting. Throughout the video I was wondering if this was supposed to be real people or is this simply computer generated? I asked that question because it is almost like a previous blog where there was a video on the military and how each one of them seemed like they had minds of their own.

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