with all the comotion on who is capable of running our country, our economy thats slowly turning into an oblivion, our rights, and all the other BS that we hear about daily, why do we keep kicking ourselves and blame it on someone else when in fact that most of our younger generation doesnt even take the time to vote. our voices do make a difference.. SO VOTE DAMMIT!!!


7 Responses to “DONT VOTE!”

  1. Luz Del Sol Says:

    I posted this same video on my facebook page and all I received in return were negative comments. Apparently everyone I know thought this PSA was condescending, but I thought it was effective. Does it make you want to vote?

  2. i actually had already planned on voting since i was old enough to drive.. after registering and all at that time.. but i do think the video is a good way to atleast be somewhat eye catching and maybe have some type of influence to the younger adults that heavily worship pop culture.

  3. I don’t think it’s conescending because I’ve heard many young people say the same things that they don’t care and it doesn’t effect them or it doesn’t matter so they don’t really want or need the burden of thinking about politics or voting, this is pethetic! The whole point and catch factor in this is that they got soo many stars, who we all know are impossible to reach and book for anything, together to tell you to vote, so obviouslyif they care and since young people and many people are so easily swayed by the trends of hollywood celebrities, then hopefully they will follow them and vote. If there is any conescending part, it’s that our generation and American people won’t do something as important and critical as using their right that the whole design of democracy was built upon until a couple of popular actors they see on tv and in magazines convince them it’s cool.

  4. interesting the voting trip. i didnt think i would matter or why should i vote, but then it got taken away. many states do not allow convicted felons to vote, and then i had an issue w/ voting. after release from prison i had to wait till i was off of paper until i could vote, i take advantage and believe that my vote does can and will make a difference. perfect example the con con in Hawaii…
    And then i met a man that put his life at risk for black voters…i became instantly grateful and use my voice.
    of course i would rather use my voice for complete anarchy…anyone up for a revolution?

  5. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    the only thing this made me want to do is watch the sarah silverman program.

  6. thekingofeurope Says:

    Actually, I felt the same way. I can’t wait for the new season.

  7. roxxygurl7 Says:

    I really like this video.. it’s def. eyecatching…..because we all know these stars all so well and there trying to make a point.. at first i thought alright there saying dont vote which i figured there had to be a catch. and there was, do vote!!!.. it does help and there isn’t that much time left.. which is true.. we need to get up off our ass do something.. so vote..

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