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There has been so much publicity going around for the election. It seems like everywhere I’m seeing signs put up for people to vote. Even on the header for Yahoo, it says to register now. There are also many great PSA’s out there right now too, like that one with all the celebrities. Now what I’m just wondering is how much does that really help. Facts show that our age group, 18 to 25, is the most unrepresented group in the United States. Obviously something is not hitting the button. I know so many college students, or people around my age who care about our country and future. I know people who even care enough to criticize certain candidates, and even watch the debates, yet they can’t get off their butts to get registered. My boyfriend is even at fault for this, and I know I have probably reminded him everyday for the past month, but i don’t know what it is. laziness? If things are to change, I think that people need to do something about it. I’m sure some of you reading this right now are guilty of the exact thing I am talking about. You care, but just can’t find the time. I know the whole electoral college system is fucked up and some people still feel unheard, but without the voices nothing is ever going to get done. If you have time to vote for our next american idol, i think you have time to vote for our next president!


One Response to “another blog about voting”

  1. sailorattitude Says:

    Your comment seems a bit hostile, but I agree with you. This will be the second election that I am voting in, and I am happy to say that I have watched every debate and keep myself informed. I think that the problem is that candidates don’t know or are not trying to appeal to our demographic, so only the people who really want to vote will. As we know, it is not the “cool” think to do… it is just something to do during a day. Try talking to your boyfriend about specific issues that he might be interested in instead of the whole election together.

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