Life. Yea, what a fucking topic, right? What is it all about? That is the big question I am looking to answer or at least continually take a stab at until I can’t stab anymore.  It is a very perplexing, overwhelming, bewildering, stupefying, consuming concept (It should be known that I do not feel that the thesaurus helped me effectively express myself here).  I say that now, that the idea consumes my thoughts, but in reality it only swings in and out, every now and then. But when it’s in swing … MAN is it in swing.  


I’m curious what other people think or know.  The rhetoric/language alone in that last statement is tricky.  When I say “He thinks God exists” that can be quite offensive… Because in his mind he is saying “I know God is exists.”  So what’s up?  What do you want from this class?  From your education? From your LIFE, on a physical, metaphysical or other level. Let’s be open minded and sensitive to others but spill it! Share your progress, your thoughts, your knowledge. This is a class about thinking, attending university is about thinking.  Maybe the statement “Life is thinking” should be added to the list below… This may not be a philosophy class or a religion class, but is there a reason we shouldn’t be talking about this?  If so, let’s hear it.


Life is expression.

Life is love.

Life is helping others.

Life is making a positive impact.

Life is nothing.

Life is everything.

Life is complex.

Life is simple.

Life is contradictory.

[Addendum] Life is thinking. Life is not thinking.

Life is….


Which statement do you agree with?  Disagree?  Maybe you think the statement shouldn’t even be made, or can never be all encompassing or 100 percent valid.  Maybe you have a better statement?  Maybe you just don’t want to think about it, why? Please share.  I know it’s cheesy but, c’mon, sharing really is caring.  Maybe you think I shouldn’t have even made this post, hell even I thought that.  Honestly that thought is what made me want to post it even more.  Call me crazy, I’ll take it.  I feel as though I just copped out a little with my admission of possibly insanity, but let’s get this ball rolling.  Give me your thoughts.


This is a class about thinking and accurate, actual expression.  So, for me, if anything at all, this was a very good exercise.   



Really don’t want to think about it? Really don’t know what to think about it? Take a break.



2 Responses to “LIFE”

  1. Life is another experience as spiritual beings..we will have many

  2. i like how the boat/car driver in the movie put it. Our life is like a box of crayons. some people were given the 20 pack while others were given the 6 pack. The point is not how many you have but how you use them, what you create with them.

    so, what is life about???!!!!
    i know a big part of my life so far has been about finding my own answers to that question. so i guess i could say a big part of my life is about searching. looking for answers.
    I think it’s harder for us to answer that question now than ever. I mean, before life was about survival. It was about family and keeping them alive. now, it’s so easy to get lost in what you think life is about for example money.

    focus on the positive
    conscience living
    keeping the connection between your mind, body, soul, land, loved ones.
    remembering your Roots.
    expanding your mind, explore, educate yourself
    selfless living, helping those who are less fortunate
    finding answers, who you are and what you want from life

    as I’m just spitting things out, I thought about religion and how it could be the easy way out to finding answers?

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