The creator of the Dead Fantasy videos also made this one.

Even though I dont play either Metroid or Halo, I still found this video to be awesome and entertaining because of all the action. It borrowed a couple scenes from the matrix and the fighting style to me seemed to be inspired from anime such as Dragon Ball Z.

This is an interview of the man who created this video, Monty Oum. He didnt go to school to learn how to make these videos; he learned it all on his own and many of the scenes in his video was all inspired from watching movies. Pretty cool I think.


One Response to “Haloid”

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Nice to see someone who works at Kinko’s for a living do something that hit the bigtime. Very humble young gentleman. My hats off to you for allowing are class to experience what this young man is about. Mahaloz

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