Propaganda(?) causes Mosque gassing

I was checking up on my webcomics earlier this week when I came across this.

To sum it up: Last week Friday a Mosque in Dayton was gassed during one of the Ramadan prayer services. For those who don’t know, in Islam Ramadan is a month for fasting, prayer, peace, and reflection. The gassing occurred during services, and the room that was gassed was the room where the women with babies and small children prayed together.

What’s sad, but also funny in a sick sort of way is the way the media handled it. From first hand accounts and smaller news sites like the one in the article above, it is pretty vivid and clear about what happened.

The newspaper wrote about how this is not evident of a hate crime.

And the web site for the local news the story was reduced to this.

Apparently this incident coincides with the distribution of a anti-radical Islam documentary called “Obsession”. Apparently it compares radical Islam and the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, using video clips of radical Muslims old footage of Nazis, and testimony about radical Islam from “professionals.” While I have not been able to find a copy of it online (perhaps I am not looking in the right places, or hard enough.) I can get an idea about it from online criticisms (and support) that the documentary also suggests ideas that are anti-Islam in general.

What makes this more notable that is that the documentary, which was made by a shamelessly anti-Obama pro-McCain organization(seriously. One of the sites the maker is part of has expressed that it has the goal: “to defeat Obama”), was given for FREE to newspaper subscribers in electoral swing states. Because of this “coincidence” the documentary has been accused of being used as anti-Obama propaganda.

Although I believe that propaganda is something we cannot avoid, I have to admit that something like this that deals with a sensitive topic that could arouse violent anger in people crosses the line of acceptability.


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