Sampling or Stealing?

I just saw these on I thought it was interesting. It makes me think about what we were talking about with the idea of borrowing ideas and concepts from other people. Is this okay to do? Does it make a difference if a big company like Volcom or Nissan is copying the idea?

Illustration for Magazine and Myspace Ads


Not So Original?:

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Illustration/Style Rip Off? Or just inspiration?

Original Designer?:

Not So Original?:

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Lots of Album Cover RipOffs Or Homages?

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Illustration to Shoebox cover

Original Designer: Simone Van Der Koelen.

Not So Original?: British Knights


Concave Ad Copy

Original? Concave

Not So Original?: Perth Express

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Graffiti Letter Style

Original: Melbourne Graffiti Website

Not So Original?: Melbourne motorshow

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Two clothing brands Original: Verte Clothing Not So Original?: Volcom Stone Clothing Graphic Design Plagiarism

Nissan vs Btoy

Original? Btoy

Not So Original?: Nissan (designers unknown)

Graphic Design Plagiarism


3 Responses to “Sampling or Stealing?”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    I went to that site and found it funny how they accuse Disney of ripping off Disney. While there are some rip-offs a lot of these are either coincidence (the volcom/ verte ad) or simply allusions to the original (the majority of the album covers). A lot of these album covers are too iconic to not make the connection.

  2. a person who is inspired by a piece or ideal needs to try and recreate that ideal in their own unique way. strive to be original. Art isn’t a copy and paste project, it’s about communicating through your own ideas and style.

  3. you see this type of thing happening alot nowadays.. artists using beats from classic older hits.. it shocks me when i listen to some of my dad’s old albums or cd’s and i hear songs today that hip hop and rap artists sample from.. we’re living in an age of sampling and remixing what was original and classic.

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