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Interesting show on adult swim. Most of the original shows adult swim has shown have not always been good (12 oz. mouse) but this one is just really interesting to watch. Its setting is within a jail called Superjail and within that jail, it has its own psychedelic reality which the Warden has control of. it just has the most random things happening at pretty much any time.


Don’t Believe Everything You Read

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I just recently watched the Pixar movie Wall-E and was really impressed. What stood out most to me was how effectively the animators managed to convey emotion by personifying the two robots Wall-E and Eve. Oddly enough, the two robots expressed much more emotion and were much more animated than their sedentary counterparts, the humans. The two robots showed fear, joy, sadness, and surprise which is so contrary to how I imagined robots to act. It was also interesting that for the first half or so of the movie the only words used were “Wall-E” and “Eve,” and yet, I completely understood what was going on in the scene. I think that this is a perfect example of how animation can be used to effectively simulate emotion and establish plot were once only humans could. Buried beneath all the social commentary I think this movie, at its core, is a love story and a wonderful one at that. I highly recommend it. 

LUCID dreams

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seeing the post of “Waking Life” below, I couldn’t help but to remember how watching that movie affected me. By actually doing the method taught in the movie of how one could realize he/she is in a dream helped me to have a lucid dream.
I did the flicking the switch method and I actually realized I was dreaming. Once I realized that I was in a dream world, I had total freedom over everything.

Now days I have lucid dreams now and then. But not as much as I did right after seeing waking life about 6,7 years ago.

I found a video of tips on having a Lucid dream

here is also a website if anyone is interested

too much frames

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i was watching the making of Waking Life and was amazed at how the artists can spend so much time working on one short clip of video.  I wish i had that kind of ability…I would go crazy!


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Saw doesn’t scare me anymore ; ]


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