The important things in life….

There are several things i am passionate about and that I think are very important in my life. I do value the importance of my nation, I am grateful that I live in America where I have certain freedoms such as the freedom of speech and expression which allows be to write this blog as I speak. I value education, knowledge is power, and I believe society can only get better through education. I despise the person who turns their back to education just because it easier for them to be ignorant. As the saying goes, “ignorance is bliss,” it is more difficult to be educated because you realize that this world is not just sunshine and rainbows there are liars, cheaters, rapists, murderers, etc. it can be a dark deceitful world. But I think education is where it is vital in order to change society because you value what is right vs. wrong. I value religion and I am grateful that I am in a country that allows me to express my beliefs. In the United States Constitution I value Amendment 2, the right bear arms because I should have the right to protect myself in times of need. I value the soldiers and troops that protect our nation because without them my life would never be the same. I value the equality of gender in our society for the most part because I don’t think that one gender is superior to another. These values I have just stated come from my experiences growing up in America. These values I would live and die for and I don’t necessarily claim them as just my own, I would hope that other Americans would have same as values as I do. When people have the same values in life it tends to form a community. Nonetheless there are counterexamples in society that may go against the social norm. People want to be around other people that have the same values because in doing so they support one another and unify their beliefs. People should really think about their own beliefs and where they stand in life. I feel that it is my right as an American citizen to stand up and defend my rights.


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