Even flies become victims of second hand smoking…

Meet Joe “cool” Hemp and the three “stoneflies”.  I have to admit this is quite an entertaining cartoon but at the same time a bit ridiculous.  Notice how Mr. Hemp didn’t utter a single word and all the dialogues were left between the three red-eyed stoneflies.  I had to watch it a couple of times to actually understand all of their conversations.
This is definitely not the kind of cartoon you’d want your younger sibling to be watching.  This cartoon is loaded with subjects that are not appropriate to younger viewers like the issue of drugs, underage sex, among other things.  I would definitely classify this under “adult” cartoon.
This type of depiction, especially in a cartoon form, would definitely have been censored a couple of decades ago…we’ve come a long way…but then again…internet didn’t exist a couple of decades ago.


One Response to “Even flies become victims of second hand smoking…”

  1. Any idea why when he flicks the flies they shoot off like bullets…? Producing bullet sound effects, holes and all. Animator must have been “testing the crop” during the production of this cartoon.

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