breaking news from a tabloid?

What is the world coming too? The other day a friend told me about an article she read. She mentioned that it was about the National Enquirer having more insider tips and information than some national newspapers. And this really got me thinking about what society is coming too. Now, I don’t know how realiable the article she was reading was, but really?! Are we getting to a point in society where tabloids start breaking certain storiesĀ of our news before the news media? I was reading that it was true that the National Enquirer broke the story of John Edward’s affair before any other media outlet. I know that the tabloids probably care more about a scandal rather than other types of news, but it just amazes me. Is this happening just because they have more money? I don’t really think that they would have more power than say the New York Times. Another thing is that it kind of just amazes me how popular these magazines are. I don’t really get what is so interesting. My sister is a consistent consumer of these magazines and I sometimes glance at them. I don’t get through the advertisments before I’m bored. I just think it is crazy that we have come to this.


One Response to “breaking news from a tabloid?”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    did she read that in the national enquirer?

    the enquirer probably doesn’t have much journalistic integrity, which means they probably don’t need to check their sources (which take time and effort). so, they can probably start printing as soon as they hear about it.
    also, john edward’s affair shouldn’t be news to begin with.

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