who decided to divide things into two? why do we buy into the illusion of dichotomy…

categorizing has become a naturalized part of our lives. we constantly feel the need to figure things out. where this goes, where that goes, how to solve this, why this and that is wrong. more ideas, more speculations, more theories, more ideas, more ideas more discourse–more places to share them, to put them, to spread them, to plant them–the messages and ideas get picked up, recycled, remolded, distorted, forgotten, promoted….out in the web, on the radio, in tv, in books, in commercials, in magazines, in art, in films, in school, in the streets, in conversations, in bars, in cafes, at home, everywhere, (what did i miss, so many other venues for idea exchange…)

how do our brains do it? oh i pat myself in the head. after a long hard day of constant bombardment of images, sounds, words, surprises, emotions, inspiration, disgust, joy and all that–then i sit down and think more,,’so how do i process this?’ that’s why people do anything i guess. ramble like this on a blog..


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