wk 5- Animation in Theory and Practice

When I was little, I use to think there was an advantage to animation movies that live-action movies couldn’t really step on, and that was visuals. Animation was able to build worlds or universes without the limitations of actors or the laws of physics (think “Wall-E”).

However, it seems special effects and technology have evolved to a point where nothin is impossible. I mean look at films like “Speed Racer” or “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Now days, it seems like animation is taking the opposite approach. Instead of behaving like cartoons, animations are starting to mimic realistic features that we have. In the fim “The Incredibles” look at the hair textures. It’s so realistic.

Zoids is an example of animation taking on 3-d approach:

It’s weird how live-action movies are taking the ‘cartoony’ approach (you can see this examples in the comic-book adaptations movies take) and how animation movies try to behave like live-action movies (“The Incredible Hulk” is an example of a CGI creation mimicing live-action emotions, and Pixar movies try to make things more realistic in their textures).

There’s still one advantage (I think) animations have, and that’s how easy it is to manipulate the visuals. This video is an example of how easy it was to manipulate video-game avatars into making a cool story:


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