Why is the U.S. Army preparing for martial law?

Is this really happening?  Does this mean Bush might not be planning to relinquish his presidency?  What purpose could the military possibly have in this unprecedented move towards premeditated martial law?


2 Responses to “Why is the U.S. Army preparing for martial law?”

  1. Ofcourse he is. We are in big trouble. iF WE STAND UP, WE WILL BE LABELED ENEMY COMBATANTS AND BE IMPRISSONED INDEFINATELY! No phone calls, no lawyer, no rights.

  2. Actually when you think about it, we hire the people who run our government. That is WE THE PEOPLE, that hire these people to do a job. run our country njot take it over/away from the people who hired them. We hire them to protect our freedoms afforded us by the constitution of the U.S.A. these people such as Bush, Kennedy, Obama etc… are traitors.
    they are selling out our country peoce by peice to other foreign countries, illegal aliens, and huge foreign corporations. Our very infrastructure such as the chicago Skyway, the Ohio turnpike, etc… are being leased out by foreign countries!!!

    We are in deep stuff no matter who is going to be in office. they are all in on the same scam.

    Good luck everyone. Dec 1st is D day for the lawsuit from Keyes concerning the Obama nationality scandal. Last I heard anyway.

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