wk 4- Global Cinema: melting pot of pop culture

I was thinking about what we learned in class today about how martial arts were one of the biggest influences to the movie industry into opening up doors for diversity.

“Enter the Dragon” exposed Americans to the world of kung-fu and china.  “Kickboxer” is a fine example of how the western approach of an eastern movie. Despite the simplified formula of ‘guy wants revenge, trains, and wins’ the eastern people enjoy “kickboxer” because it was so funny, strange, and new to them (despite having the villain be an eastern guy getting his but wooped).

Overall, it’s nice to see how diversity plays a different role in cinema in different countries. Hence, the melting-pot effect of merging pop-culture with other country’s pop culture:

Like “kickboxer” another example of how pop culture plays a role in other countries is the realization of inaccuracies in their portrayals. Yeah i weirded that pretty weird. Here’s an example of Japanese spider-man:

Ok, I’ll now simplify: Spiderman is an American pop-culture. To see it blended into another countries, is pretty funny because we as Americans find it ridiculous that he has a giant robot, yet it’s opening a door for diversity, adaptations, and a way for other countries to learn about other people’s lifestyle.

Now I bring you an Indian superman:


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