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This chapter covers many aspects of the art in filming. It talks about expectations, form and feeling, meaning, function, and many other characteristics of filming. One film that I know that shows these elements well is “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” For those of you have not seen the movie, it is told differently than other stories. It is different in that most movies are told in an “ABC”  or “ABACA” format, this movie has two different stories told at the same time that intertwine. One story is moving at an “ABC” pace, in which characters from the movie try to erase the memories of a man. The other story is told backwards it a “FED” pace, where the man who is getting his memories erased is moving backwards through his memories from most recent to later memories, struggling to keep his treasured ones alive.  This movie can be seen as “AFBECD.” In telling the story this way our expectations are thrown off, and our sights are adjusted at the last moment when the all the pieces seem the fall together. 

This movie also has several different meanings to it. Its referential meaning is simply seen in the movie, a man saddened after the effects of a relationship turned sour decides to erase this girl from his memory, but decides to keep his memories after it may be too late. Its explicit meaning is similar to the referential meaning, but takes place of the moral of the story. It is the fact that some memories are sacred, and that although they may be linked to things we may not like, they still hold great value to us. Its implicit meaning goes a little deeper. This goes on to hint at the fact that we should not tamper with the more sacred things in life, that our thoughts and memories are part of what makes us human, and how we can’t just “delete” them.

Here is one of the last scenes in the movie. In this scene we see Jim Carrey’s character “Joel” living in his first memory with the person that he loved, Kate Winslet’s character “Clementine,” the last memory to be deleted. Keep in mind that this is Jim Carrey’s memory, and that is why the characters seem to cut in and out of what they are doing in the scene. At this point in the movie, he has come to realize that even though he wanted to keep all these memories, there is nothing he can do to stop it from being erased. The destruction of his memory can be seen with the destruction of the house, and the dim lighting toward the end of the scene.


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  1. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    nice analysis. i love this damn movie on so many levels

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