Korean Music Videos through Cinematography

I showed this music video to my friends, (and we’re all guys you know, just hangin’) and after watching this music video, one of us started crying, and I somehow started crying, and like 5 of us guys began to cry hahaha! They then watched it with their girlfriends and they told me that they cried again. Oh brother.

This music is very famous in Korea, sang by a group called Kiss, and the music has a message stating how fragile women are and how love is everything for them.

This music video has made creating stories through MV very popular in Korea. So this music video pretty much pioneered the whole Story system for the MV in Korea. Not only does this MV portray a story through the film, but it incorporates and enhances the whole experience of music that comes with it.

This mv is one of my favorites and I hope that one day, I can find a woman whom I wouldn’t mind sacrificing everything for her. Just as DPsurf04 has said, music can play a very interesting role of portraying a message as well as something that elevates our emotions.

I hope you guys enjoy this MV. =]

P.S. take note of the camera angles and the lighting used to dramatize certain scenes in this film.


2 Responses to “Korean Music Videos through Cinematography”

  1. hypercritical808 Says:

    I didn’t understand why her pic was on a date rape magazine……but, it really was a sad story though. T_T

  2. herewithnoone Says:

    I remember watching this music video, it was really sad but after this one, i looked all over youtube for more of these sad story korean music videos

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