Youtube effects society

Thinking more and more about how our generation heavily relies on the internet whether it’s for social interaction, looking up a definition, finding long lost friends, buying something on ebay, etc. it makes me wonder about the positive and negative influences on our society. There is no doubt about it, that has been a dramatic change in learning methods in the school systems over the past 25 years. I remember in middle school learning about the civil war through textbooks upon textbooks. I couldn’t really relate to the history I mean it was only words and maybe a picture or two in a textbook. But nowadays, for the next generation they will be able to be that much closer to history. THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING. There has been some tough issues that have occurred in America in my life time and I can’t forget the way i felt when they happened. Now history that would normally be written into textbooks are now being posted on YouTube. For example, there is actual footage of the the Columbine Shooting, there is footage of September 11th, there is footage of the Iraq War, etc. These videos maybe be heartbreaking for us because we have a connection to them, I understand that. But for future generations, and if I decide to have kids they will be that much closer to the actual history and it won’t just be a couple lines in a history textbook. The internet is definitely a way of how we are currently documenting history, culture, and our reactions to it.


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