The demoralization of the Graffiti artist

What happen to the respect artist’s received from showcasing their work on public grounds?  Graffiti used to be a spectacle for all ages.  However, it has now instead turned into a way for many to act ot and rebel.  These few people who have changed the term graffiti art into tagging has demoralized the art entirely.  Now, many individuals carry with them a negative connotation about the word graffiti.  Obviously something needs to be done.  Many Graffiti artists are looking for a way to release creative energy and showcase their talents.  Jason Ulep, owner of hypersquad dance studio did a great thing to help the local artist.  According to, he contracted out different graffiti artist to design the interior studio walls with their designs.  His thinking was that he has a younger group of kids who all think it’s edgy, fun and funky.  However, Ulep was still apprehensive about the parents.  The parents did however come around to the idea and is not receiving a steady stream of compliments.           More work like Ulep’s needs to be done inorder to change the preceptions of many individuals idea about graffiti.


One Response to “The demoralization of the Graffiti artist”

  1. Art is art, no matter the form. But it is quite unfortunate that this type of art is considered criminal by the most. This example of here is absolutely beautiful.

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