sexy cover

Is America obsessed with sex? Obviously sex is very popular in our culture today. You see it everywhere advertising, movies, music. Why is it that sex sells? I came across an article the other day about a controversial cover for VIBE magazine. Ciara is on the cover and appears to be nude except for some high heels. The controversy is that she says that she did the photoshoot with clothes on and that VIBE magazine airbrushed them out to make it seem like she was nude. Who knows how covered up Ciara really was at the shoot, but did VIBE really need to go as far as to make her naked? If it sells magazines. After doing some further research, I found that there happened to be another controversy surronding the magazine’s October cover. Originally Robin Thicke wanted to be on the cover, he is a white R&B singer, but he allegedly claims he wasn’t chosen for the cover because he was white. Some people think that they just wanted a bang for their cover so they could sell more magazines. What I’m asking is why? Why do you have to strip down a girl naked to get attention. Does it seem like it has gone to far?


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