Requiem for a Dream (Anthony)

I’ve only recently seen this film, but I feel that it has a great form. The film starts out with all of the main characters having a somewhat normal life, but then you find that they all rapidly escalate into situations that are the worst case scenario. Each character is linked to each other, and if one person is affected by something then another character is as well.

This film is very powerful because it is so believable. The form helps this out a great deal, because if there was one wrong thing in the form, then maybe people wouldn’t be moved by it because they’d say that it didn’t make sense. In fact, something happened in this film that didn’t quite make sense to me, it actually frustrated me since it was an important cause in escalation. Right before the ending scene of the film, the two main male characters get arrested at a hospital. The film doesn’t really describe this so it left me hanging. It caused the main white character’s (Harry), to not get his overly injected arm not to get taken care of. This caused him to get the arm amputated. The main black character (Tyrone) was left in prison for a while. Because they were in prison, this caused the main female (Marion) to feel like they were never coming back, so she decided to make money by taking part in a sex show. So I’m still kind of left hanging in that regard. But it shows you how powerful form can be, it causes someone to be confused if not pulled off correctly.

I love this last scene in the movie because it pulls of repetition without really repeating anything. The characters are each going through their own pain and the scene keeps going through all of them, and slowly speeds up the interval between each character. This leads to a very intense and emotionally moving scene. Many people that watch this movie get a little depressed and never want to do drugs. I think that this scene gives that final push to make people have that experience. The ending of a film is very important and this film pulls it off very well. The ending scene of the movie is shown above for your viewing pleasure.


One Response to “Requiem for a Dream (Anthony)”

  1. The book that this film is based on is beautifully written. Anything by the author is worth your time. He makes a guest appearance at the end of the film.

    A lot of what ties the characters together, as side from their actual relationships, is the editing style used to describe their addictions. The quick cuts, close up shots, and syncopated sound is used to describe the addictive behaviors of all the characters.

    Also I would say the end is very visually repetitive, the film ends with each character curling up, on their right side, in fetal position on their beds.

    The soundtrack is incredible and it boggles my mind but the website for the film is still up: and running check it out, it’s pretty interesting you just have to explore and click around it a bit.

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