Quiet and Nasty

I took this scene from the movie “Sin City” and it made me think about how film makers use “form” to suggest audiences to create perceptions outside of the box.  Its pretty interesting because the film presents a narration that follows each scene, and it gets people involved to open their thoughts emotionally and figuratively.  A lot of what the characters illustrate in this film utilizes a figure of speech related to symbolism, bringing out the emotions, passion and even capturing the scenery and moods of the movie.  Another plus is the way the film is presented in black and white, which brings out more character in the way the movie is sequenced together.  Majority of the scenes in the film might seem brutalizing and offensive at some circumstances (Ex. the murder scenes) but those things separate a good film from a great one.  Because a good film has its limitations while great films take the extra mile and utilizes ideas that are unique.

In the closing scene (at about 8:08) Hartigen (Bruce Willis) talks about the whole killing situation with the senators only son and about losing his (Senator) legacy, understanding the type of power and revenge he would have against him.  Hartigen didn’t want to put anyone in danger especially Nancy, it was a never ending battle of retaliation so he knew his own death would solve everything.  Its represents a fine example of saving a person’s life by sacrificing one’s own for the better good.


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