A recall of expectation in a film

I came across the movie Spider-man while flipping through channels on my T.V. this morning and watched the scene where Peter Parker was about to enter the wrestling match with Bone Saw.

There was this moment where Parker stood behind a large white screen only casting out his shadow. This part of the movie was when Parker supposedly reveals his first impression/version of the Spider-man costume. I related this to something that was discussed in class on thursday; the ‘Expectation’ situation where viewers expect more of something than what it actually is.

The moment where Parker stood behind the screen starts at 1:45

I expected the costume to be really tricked out, to look exactly like the Spider-man costume that everyone knows. But unfortunately, when the screen lifted only to reveal the challenger that awaited, it turned out to be Parker wearing a Red Ninja costume with a spider symbol spray-painted in the middle.

ahh, fun stuff. But I thought the match was pretty good. I didn’t expect Parker to own Bone saw using only his right foot neither!


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